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Table of Contents - Special Paper 444

Investigations into the Tectonics of the Tibetan Plateau

edited by B. Clark Burchfiel and Erchie Wang

B. Clark Burchfiel and Erchie Wang
1. Cenozoic tectonic development of the Qaidam Basin in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Qing-Ren Meng and Xiang Fang
2. Vertical-axis bending of the Altyn Tagh belt along the Altyn Tagh fault: Evidence from late Cenozoic deformation within and around the Xorkol basin
Erchie Wang, Feng-Yin Xu, Jian-Xun Zhou, Shifeng Wang, Chung Fan, and Gang Wang
3. Preliminary investigation into the complexities of the Ailao Shan and Day Nui Con Voi shear zones of SE Yunnan and Vietnam
B.C. Burchfiel, L. Chen, E. Wang, and E. Swanson
4. Combined model of rigid-block motion with continuous deformation: Patterns of present-day deformation in continental China
P.-Zh. Zhang and Weijun Gan
5. Timing and distribution of tectonic rotations in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Guillaume Dupont-Nivet, Shuang Dai, Xiaomin Fang, Wout Krijgsman, Veronique Erens, Mariel Reitsma, and Cor Langereis
6. The dynamic support and decoupling process of the Tibetan lithosphere based on the integration of flexural modeling with other geological and geophysical studies
Yu Jin, Erchie Wang, and Xiaodian Jiang
7. Exhumation of old rocks during the Zagros collision in the northwestern part of the Zagros Mountains, Iran
Alireza Nadimi and Hassan Nadimi