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Table of Contents - Special Paper 473

Geology and Geoarchaeology of the Black Sea Region: Beyond the Flood Hypothesis

Edited by Ilya V. Buynevich, Valentina Yanko-Hombach, Allan S. Gilbert, and Ronald E. Martin

1. Surface runoff to the Black Sea from the East European Plain during Last Glaciation Maximum–Late Glacial time
A.Yu. Sidorchuk, A.V. Panin, and O.K. Borisova
2. Modeling extreme Black Sea and Caspian Sea levels of the past 21,000 years with general circulation models
A. Kislov and P. Toropov
3. Assessment of the Black Sea water-level fluctuations since the Last Glacial Maximum
G. Lericolais, F. Guichard, C. Morigi, I. Popescu, C. Bulois, H. Gillet, and W.B.F. Ryan
4. Rapid Holocene sea-level and climate change in the Black Sea: An evaluation of the Balabanov sea-level curve
R.E. Martin and V. Yanko-Hombach
5. Global climate change and sea-level fluctuations in the Black and Caspian Seas over the past 200 years
E. Konikov and O. Likhodedova
6. Paleogeography of the Pontic Lowland and northwestern Black Sea shelf for the past 25 k.y.
E. Larchenkov and S. Kadurin
7. Nonpollen palynomorphs: Indicators of salinity and environmental change in the Caspian–Black Sea–Mediterranean corridor
P.J. Mudie, S.A.G. Leroy, F. Marret, N.P. Gerasimenko, S.E.A. Kholeif, T. Sapelko, and M. Filipova-Marinova
8. Climatic and environmental oscillations in southeastern Ukraine from 30 to 10 ka, inferred from pollen and lithopedology
N.P. Gerasimenko
9. Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironments of Crimea: Pollen, soils, geomorphology, and geoarchaeology
C.E. Cordova, N.P. Gerasimenko, P.H. Lehman, and A.A. Kliukin
10. Bedforms, coastal-trapped waves, and scour process observations from the continental shelf of the northern Black Sea
A. Trembanis, S. Nebel, A. Skarke, D.F. Coleman, R.D. Ballard, A. Yankovsky, I.V. Buynevich, and S. Voronov
11. Archaeological oceanography and environmental characterization of shipwrecks in the Black Sea
M.L. Brennan, R.D. Ballard, K.L. Croff Bell, and D. Piechota
12. Pontic-Baltic pathways for invasive aquatic species: Geoarchaeological implications
I.V. Buynevich, A. Damuyte?, A. Bitinas, S. Olenin, J. Maeika, and R. Petroius