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Table of Contents - Special Paper 493

Recent Advances in North American Paleoseismology and Neotectonics East of the Rockies

Edited by Randel Tom Cox, Martitia P. Tuttle, Oliver S. Boyd, and Jacques Locat

Preface v
1. Origin of the Blytheville Arch, and long-term displacement on the New Madrid seismic zone, central United States
Thomas L. Pratt, Robert A. Williams, Jack K. Odum, and William J. Stephenson
2. Pleistocene shorelines and coastal rivers: Sensitive potential indicators of Quaternary tectonism along the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North America
Mervin J. Bartholomew and Fredrick J. Rich
3. Surface faults of the south Louisiana growth-fault province
Richard P. McCulloh and Paul V. Heinrich
4. Evidence for post-Triassic brittle faults in eastern Connecticut and south-central Massachusetts using LiDAR, geomorphic, and geophysical data combined with field observations: Implications for the origin of the Moodus area seismicity
Ronald T. Marple, Robert J. Altamura, Shelton S. Alexander, and James D. Hurd
5. Cenozoic faulting in southernmost Illinois
W. John Nelson
6. Large earthquake paleoseismology in the East Tennessee seismic zone: Results of an 18-month pilot study
Robert D. Hatcher Jr., James D. Vaughn, and Stephen F. Obermeier
7. Holocene faulting on the Saline River fault zone, Arkansas, along the Alabama–Oklahoma transform
Randel Tom Cox, James Harris, Steven Forman, Tom Brezina, Joshua Gordon, Chris Gardner, and Sarah Machin
8. Structural controls on intraplate earthquakes in the eastern United States
Mervin J. Bartholomew and Roy B. Van Arsdale
9. Earthquake-induced load casts, pseudonodules, ball-and-pillow structures, and convolute lamination: Additional deformation structures for paleoseismic studies
John D. Sims
10. Seismic signatures: Small-scale features and ground fractures
Ronald Counts and Stephen F. Obermeier
11. Improving seismic hazard assessment in New England through the use of surficial geologic maps and expert analysis
Laurence R. Becker, Steven P. Patriarco, Robert G. Marvinney, Margaret A. Thomas, Stephen B. Mabee, and Edward S. Fratto
12. The 2008 U.S. Geological Survey national seismic hazard models and maps for the central and eastern United States
Mark D. Petersen, Arthur D. Frankel, Stephen C. Harmsen, Charles S. Mueller, Oliver S. Boyd, Nicolas Luco, Russell L. Wheeler, Kenneth S. Rukstales, and Kathleen M. Haller
13. A critique of probabilistic versus deterministic seismic hazard analysis with special reference to the New Madrid seismic zone
Zhenming Wang and James C. Cobb