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Table of Contents - Special Paper 494

New Perspectives on Rio Grande Rift Basins: From Tectonics to Groundwater

Edited by Mark R. Hudson and V.J.S. (Tien) Grauch

Mark R. Hudson and V.J.S. Grauch
1. Evolution of ancient Lake Alamosa and integration of the Rio Grande during the Pliocene and Pleistocene
Michael N. Machette, Ren A. Thompson, David W. Marchetti, and Roger S.U. Smith
2. Provenance of volcanic clasts from the Santa Fe Group, Culebra graben of the San Luis Basin, Colorado: A guide to tectonic evolution
Corine Armstrong, Barbara L. Dutrow, Darrell J. Henry, and Ren A. Thompson
3. Late Miocene–Pleistocene evolution of a Rio Grande rift subbasin, Sunshine Valley–Costilla Plain, San Luis Basin, New Mexico and Colorado
C.A. Ruleman, R.A. Thompson, R.R. Shroba, M. Anderson, B.J. Drenth, J. Rotzien, and J. Lyon
4. Geophysical constraints on Rio Grande rift structure in the central San Luis Basin, Colorado and New Mexico
Benjamin J. Drenth, V.J.S. Grauch, and Brian D. Rodriguez
5. Syndepositional deformation and provenance of Oligocene to Lower Miocene sedimentary rocks along the western margin of the Rio Grande rift, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico
Shari A. Kelley, Kirt A. Kempter, William C. McIntosh, Florian Maldonado, Gary A. Smith, Sean D. Connell, Daniel J. Koning, and Jennifer Whiteis
6. Deformational and erosional history for the Abiquiu and contiguous area, north-central New Mexico: Implications for formation of the Abiquiu embayment and a discussion of new geochronological and geochemical analysis
Florian Maldonado, Daniel P. Miggins, James R. Budahn, and Terry Spell
7. Three-dimensional finite-element modeling of fault interactions in rift-scale normal fault systems: Implications for the late Cenozoic Rio Grande rift of north-central New Mexico
Rajesh Goteti, Gautam Mitra, Ahmet Becene, Aviva Sussman, and Claudia Lewis
8. Structure and tectonic evolution of the eastern Española Basin, Rio Grande rift, north-central New Mexico
Daniel J. Koning, V.J.S. Grauch, Sean D. Connell, John Ferguson, William McIntosh, Janet L. Slate, Elmira Wan, and W. Scott Baldridge
9. Chronology of volcanism, tectonics, and sedimentation near the western boundary fault of the Española Basin, Rio Grande rift, New Mexico
Giday WoldeGabriel, Daniel J. Koning, David Broxton, and Richard G. Warren
10. Multi-stage Laramide deformation in the area of the southern Santa Fe embayment (Rio Grande rift), north-central New Mexico
Alvis L. Lisenbee
11. Shallow groundwater geochemistry in the Española Basin, Rio Grande rift, New Mexico: Evidence for structural control of a deep thermal source
P.S. Johnson, D.J. Koning, and F.K. Partey
12. Upper Neogene tephrochronologic correlations of the Española Basin and Jemez Mountains volcanic field, northern Rio Grande rift, north-central New Mexico
Janet L. Slate, Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki, Daniel J. Koning, Elmira Wan, David B. Wahl, Sean D. Connell, and Michael E. Perkins
13. Geophysical constraints on Rio Grande rift structure and stratigraphy from magnetotelluric models and borehole resistivity logs, northern New Mexico
Brian D. Rodriguez and David A. Sawyer
14. Oblique transfer of extensional strain between basins of the middle Rio Grande rift, New Mexico: Fault kinematic and paleostress constraints
Scott A. Minor, Mark R. Hudson, Jonathan Saul Caine, and Ren A. Thompson
15. Climatic controls on nonmarine depositional sequences in the Albuquerque Basin, Rio Grande rift, north-central New Mexico
Sean D. Connell, Gary A. Smith, John W. Geissman, and William C. McIntosh
16. New perspectives on the geometry of the Albuquerque Basin, Rio Grande rift, New Mexico: Insights from geophysical models of rift-fill thickness
V.J.S. Grauch and Sean D. Connell
17. Upper crustal structure of the southern Rio Grande rift: A composite record of rift and pre-rift tectonics
Matthew G. Averill and Kate C. Miller
18. Tascotal Mesa transfer zone—An element of the Border Corridor transform system, Rio Grande rift of West Texas and adjacent Mexico
Patricia Wood Dickerson