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Table of Contents - timeCD

Explore Deep Time: Geological Time and Beyond CD-ROM

by Christine V. McLelland, Gary B. Lewis

Teacher Background Text Chapters
Deep Time
    How Old is the Earth?
      Historic Estimations
   Biblical and other estimations
        Ocean salt
        Thickness of the sedimentary layers
        Lord Kelvin - and the evolution debate
        Radiometric dating
    Current Estimates
  Geologic Time
    Absolute Time
      Radiometric Dating
  Relative Time
    Principle of original horizontality
    Principle of superposition
    Principle of faunal succession
    Index fossils
    Principle of cross-cutting relationships
    Principle of Inclusion
    Geologic columns
    The geologic time scale
  A Relative Time Scale with Absolute Time
  So Why is Deep Time Important?
  National Science Education Standards

Student Activities with Answers
  Absolute Time Activities
    Absolute age dating: Introduce students to concept of radiometric decay
    Flipping Pennies
    Valley Dating
    Dots of Time
    Zones of Time
  Relative Time Activity
    What’s Up? - Introduces students to the concept of relative age dating
  Deep Time Image Activity
    Use images of rock strata to determine relative ages

Time Scale Charts
  Simple Timescale in black/white
  Simple Timescale in color
  Full GSA Timescale
  Color Timescale 3D Spiral Model