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Table of Contents - Field Guide 28

Deformation, Fluid Flow, and Mass Transfer in the Forearc of Convergent Margins: Field Guides to the Northern Apennines in Emilia and in the Apuan Alps (Italy)

Edited by Paola Vannucchi and Donald Fisher

Preface v
1. Deformation, fluid flow, and mass transfer in the forearc of convergent margins: A two-day field trip in an ancient and exhumed erosive convergent margin in the Northern Apennines
Francesca Remitti, Giuseppe Bettelli, Filippo Panini, Mirko Carlini, and Paola Vannucchi
2. Deformation and fluid flow during underplating and exhumation of the Adria continental margin: A one-day field trip in the Alpi Apuane (Northern Apennines, Italy)
Giancarlo Molli