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Table of Contents - Field Guide 29

From the Blue Ridge to the Coastal Plain: Field Excursions in the Southeastern United States

Edited by Martha Cary Eppes and Mervin J. Bartholomew

Foreword v
1. Igneous activity, metamorphism, and deformation in the Mount Rogers area of SW Virginia and NW North Carolina: A geologic record of Precambrian tectonic evolution of the southern Blue Ridge Province
Richard P. Tollo, John N. Aleinikoff, Roland Mundil, C. Scott Southworth, Michael A. Cosca, Douglas W. Rankin, Allison E. Rubin, Adrienne E. Kentner, Christopher A. Parendo, and Molly S. Ray
2. Bluff to bluff: A field guide to floodplain geology and geomorphology of the Lower Congaree River Valley, South Carolina
David C. Shelley, Scott Werts, Doug Dvoracek, and William Armstrong
3. Historic mill ponds and piedmont stream water quality: Making the connection near Raleigh, North Carolina
Karl W. Wegmann, Robert Q. Lewis, and Michael C. Hunt
4. New Madrid Seismic Zone field trip guide
Roy B. Van Arsdale, Heather R. DeShon, and Matitia P. Tuttle
5. The Great 1886 Earthquake: Seismic hazard and visible damage from the most damaging earthquake in the United States in the 1800s
Pradeep Talwani, Erin K. Beutel, Norman Levine, Ken Aalto, Steve Jaume, and Madelyne Adams
6. The Neoacadian orogenic core of the southern Appalachians: A geo-traverse through the migmatitic Inner Piedmont from the Brushy Mountains to Lincolnton, North Carolina
Arthur J. Merschat, Robert D. Hatcher Jr., Heather E. Byars, and William G. Gilliam
7. Neoproterozoic to Mesozoic petrologic and ductile-brittle structural relationships along the Alleghanian Nutbush Creek fault zone and Deep River Triassic basin in North Carolina
David E. Blake, Edward F. Stoddard, Philip J. Bradley, and Timothy W. Clark
8. Overview of the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the Talladega slate belt, Alabama Appalachians
James F. Tull and Clinton I. Barineau
9. Geology of the Ediacaran–Middle Cambrian rocks of western Carolinia in South Carolina
Allen J. Dennis, John W. Shervais, and Dennis LaPoint
10. Traversing suspect terranes in the central Virginia Piedmont: From Proterozoic anorthosites to modern earthquakes
Christopher M. Bailey and Brent E. Owens
11. The Early-Middle Mississippian Borden–Grainger–Fort Payne delta/basin complex: Field evidence for delta sedimentation, basin starvation, mud-mound genesis, and tectonism during the Neoacadian Orogeny
Frank R. Ettensohn, R. Thomas Lierman, Devi B.P. Udgata, and Charles E. Mason