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The Large-Wavelength Deformations of the Lithosphere...

Full Title: The Large-Wavelength Deformations of the Lithosphere: Materials for a History of the Evolution of Thought from the Earliest Times to Plate Tectonics
Author: A.M.C. Sengör
This volume takes readers on a fascinating journey that follows the development of ideas concerning large-wavelength lithospheric deformation that forms broad uplifts and basins. The journey begins millennia ago with Middle Eastern and Asian mythology and ends with the plate tectonic revolution in the mid-twentieth century. Readers are treated to a multitude of legends, observations, and theories, along with a host of characters who have explored this subject, from Plato and Aristotle, through de Beaumont and Suess, to Cloos, Wilson, and Burke. In order to tell that story, Sengör has consulted an immense number and variety of sources, many from his own large collection of rare geological and historical texts. Whether you read this volume as a geologist or as a historian, you’ll have an enjoyable journey tracing the connections between ancient mythology and modern concepts of large-wavelength deformation.
October 17, 2003

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