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Public Land Name:
Natural Sounds and Night Skies Division

Position Title:
CLOSED Acoustic Assistant

Agency: NPS

Position Type: SIP

Position ID Number:

Colorado, Fort Collins

Accepting Applications? No

# of current Applicants: 0

Position Description:

SIP Intern participants must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Please visit our How To Apply page to get started with your application. If you encounter any questions while applying to this project, please contact Thanks!


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Each project can accept up to 100 applicants. Applicants can apply for up to five SIP Intern projects per season.

For current applicants: You are considered an applicant to an SIP Intern project once you have successfully added the project to your profile while you are logged into your application. The added project would appear under POSITIONS YOU HAVE ADDED for the National Park Service [NPS] Scientists in Parks [SIP] Intern Program. You are encouraged to add projects before you complete your application components. In order to be fully considered for any position, you must complete all application components before the application deadline passes on 23 January, 11:59 p.m. EST. Login to your application profile to check the status of your application components, and make sure to complete any remaining items before the deadline passes.

If you have questions about the application and selection process, please contact GSA's GeoCorps managers.  If you have questions about any aspect of the position — description, qualifications, housing, dates — please direct them to the contact(s) listed in the project description. Remember, application materials can only be submitted online. The project contact(s) will not accept application materials sent to them via e-mail, mail, fax, etc. See the full program details at the GeoCorps homepage.