GSA Today
Volume 24, Number 2 (February 2014)

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Recently documented terrestrial, deep-water analogies seem to fit as part of a puzzle suggesting that a Late Hesperian–Early Amazonian martian ocean once existed in the northern plains of Mars. Rows of coupled, puzzle-pieces from top to bottom showcase the analogies between martian teardrop-shape islands (left) and terrestrial erosional-shadow remnants (right); martian large-scale polygonal terrains (right) and terrestrial deep-water polygonal fault systems (left); martian high-albedo mounds (left) and terrestrial deep-water mud volcanoes (right); and martian boulders from the VBF (right) and terrestrial deep-water megablocks (left). The question remains: Are there any other terrestrial, deep-water analogies awaiting to be discovered? See related article, p. 4–10.

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