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Volume 29 Issue 1 (January 2019)

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GSA Tomorrow: An Open Challenge to Promote the Future of Geoscience

Kristin M. Dorfler

Macromolecules Innovation Institute, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia 24061, USA,

Anke M. Friedrich

Ludwig-MaximiliansľUniversity Munich, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Luisenstr. 37, Munich, Bavaria 80333, Germany,


The future of geoscience rests on your shoulders. Geologists are passionate about their science and discuss their interests with vigor, firmly understanding why geoscience is as important to society as physiology, agriculture, or engineering. In many cases, non-geologists don’t see the clear importance and implication of the profession, outside of natural disasters and events that have immediate and apparent human effects. Countless geoscientists, including professionals, academics, and students, are already vocal self-advocates; however, in our currently digital world, where information can be instantly disseminated at the push of a button, it is time we took a collective effort as the Geological Society of America to actively emphasize the importance of science to the non-geologist, forming a movement to assertively advocate for our field. We invite you to contribute to this discussion by responding with succinct, measurable, and clear reasons on how what you do affects society. Our collective views could be used to guide non-geologists to advocate for geoscience just as non-physicians advocate for medical advances. GSA is as effective as its members, who make up 21 Scientific Divisions, which have numerous, tangible impacts on society. As GSA continues focusing efforts on the advancement of the Society into the twenty-first century, we are taking a critical look at what the Society is doing, whom it is doing it for, and how it could be doing it better.

Manuscript received 24 May 2018. Revised manuscript received 30 Sept. 2018. Manuscript accepted 8 Oct. 2018. Posted 20 Nov. 2018.

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