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Topic: GSA Climate Change Position Statement

June 2014

Dear Sirs,

Here is my letter for GSA TODAY. The new GSA revised climate change statement is less bad, but it is not yet good. It notes that climate changes occur from natural causes, but that they occur periodically is still missing. Does the committee that put the statement together doubt cyclicity of ice ages or the 1000-year cyclicity recorded in human history and by six other proxies from around the world? Is no member of the committee aware that the Medieval warm time was warmer than today? That was before fossil fuels were used by the few people alive then.

Periodicity is not new in the geologic literature. Why was it ignored in the new policy statement on climate change?

Sincerely yours,
L.B. Platt
GSA Fellow
Emeritus Professor of Geology
Ph.D. at Yale, 1960

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