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Volume 19 Issue 11 (November 2009)

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Geobiology: Evidence for early life on Earth and the search for life on other planets

Sherry L. Cady1,*, Nora Noffke2,*

1 Portland State University, Dept. of Geology, 1721 SW Broadway, 17 Cramer Hall, Portland, Oregon 97201, USA
2 Old Dominion University, Dept. of Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Norfolk, Virginia 23529, USA

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Extensive research efforts in the subdisciplinary field of geobiology have focused on the interactions between Earth and life through time. As a consequence, gaps in our knowledge of Earth’s history are closing, and the search for life beyond Earth is expanding. A few examples of geobiology studies designed to advance our understanding of life on early Earth and to improve the chances of finding life on other planets are provided to highlight recent developments and research areas that are on the verge of new discoveries.

Manuscript received 22 June 2009; accepted 5 August 2009.

doi: 10.1130/GSATG62A.1

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