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Table of Contents - Special Paper 489

Grand Canyon Geology: Two Billion Years of Earth’s History

Edited by J. Michael Timmons and Karl E. Karlstrom

Acknowledgments v
Introduction to Grand Canyon geology
Karl E. Karlstrom, J. Michael Timmons, and Laura J. Crossey
1. Vishnu basement rocks of the upper Granite Gorge: Continent formation 1.84 to 1.66 billion years ago
Karl E. Karlstrom, Bradley R. Ilg, David Hawkins, Michael L. Williams, Gregory Dumond, Kevin Mahan, and Samuel A. Bowring
2. The Grand Canyon Unkar Group: Mesoproterozoic basin formation in the continental interior during supercontinent assembly
J. Michael Timmons, John Bloch, Kathryn Fletcher, Karl E. Karlstrom, Matt Heizler, and Laura J. Crossey
3. The Neoproterozoic Earth system revealed from the Chuar Group of Grand Canyon
Carol M. Dehler, Susannah M. Porter, and J. Michael Timmons
4. Many unconformities make one ‘Great Unconformity’
Karl E. Karlstrom and J. Michael Timmons
5. Geologic history and paleogeography of Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, eastern Grand Canyon, Arizona
Ronald C. Blakey and Larry T. Middleton
6. Faulting and uplift in the Grand Canyon region
Karl E. Karlstrom and J. Michael Timmons
7. The Laramide and post-Laramide uplift and erosional history of the eastern Grand Canyon: Evidence from apatite fission-track thermochronology
Shari A. Kelley and Karl E. Karlstrom
8. A review of the Quaternary geomorphology of eastern Grand Canyon
Joel L. Pederson
9. Travertines and travertine springs in eastern Grand Canyon: What they tell us about groundwater, paleoclimate, and incision of Grand Canyon
Laura J. Crossey and Karl E. Karlstrom

Karl E. Karlstrom, Laura J. Crossey, and J. Michael Timmons

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