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Volume 24, Issue 3
(March 2014)

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Science Article

125th anniversary of The Geological Society of America: Looking at the past and into the future of science at GSA

Suzanne Mahlburg Kay


Rock Stars

Laurence L. Sloss and the Sequence Stratigraphy Revolution

Robert H. Dott, Jr.


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11 - GSA Elections

12 - Call for Award Nominations

12 - Students: Call for Applications

14 - Get into the Field with GSA & ExxonMobil

16 - Final Announcement: 2014 Rocky Mountain–Cordilleran Joint Section Meeting

19 - 2014 GSA Section Meeting Mentor Programs

20 - GSA Foundation Update

21 - About People

21 - GeoCorps™ America

22 - 2013–2014 GSA-USGS Congressional Science Fellow Report: Policy, Politics, and Procedure

27 - Call for Committee Service

28 - Classified Advertising

31 - 2014 GSA GeoVentures and K–12 Teacher Field Camps


Information regarding the January 2014 GSA Today science article, “Massive landslide at Utah copper mine generates wealth of geophysical data,” by Kristine L. Pankow and colleagues contained two errors:

  1. The cover caption incorrectly states that the date of the landslide was 30 April 2013; it should have said 10 April 2013.
  2. The final paragraph on page 4 of the article includes a reference to the 2012 Lituya “Bay” rock avalanche when it should have said Lituya Mountain rock avalanche.

GSA Today regrets these errors and thanks the authors for pointing them out.


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