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Topic: Subaru Relationship with GSA
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How does GSA evaluate corporate sponsors?

January 14, 2004
(Note: this letter was published in July 2004 GSA Today)

Dear GSA Today Editor:

Subaru is a Corporate Sponsor of GSA, and runs advertisements in GSA publications (as recently as the November Issue of GSA Today). Subaru is also engaged in what I consider to be unsavory business practices to manipulate the Clean Air Act, by making superficial modifications to the Subaru Outback sedan so that it falls under the Federal fuel economy classification system as a light truck (21.2 mpg rather than 27.5 mpg).

So my question to you is this — does GSA have any criteria by which we (the membership) evaluate selecting or continuing to select corporate sponsors?

Thank you.

— James E. Evans
GSA Member

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