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Topic: Subaru Relationship with GSA
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How does GSA evaluate corporate sponsors?

July 2004
(Note: this letter was published in July 2004 GSA Today)

GSA responds:

Subaru reports that the Outback was reclassified as a light truck in response to customer requests for higher vehicle clearance and tinted windows. As for changes in mileage performance, the Subaru Web site shows mileage for the 2004 2.5 liter Subaru Outback (automatic transmission) at 22/28 for city/highway conditions. This reflects no change in mileage performance, and a few reports from Subaru owners we talked with support this.

We are pleased to report that GSA does have mechanisms for evaluating corporate sponsorships. Contracts are reviewed first by staff at Headquarters, and then approved by Council. If members, upon learning of a particular issue that causes them concern, wish to influence such approval, they can and should raise this with their elected Council Members. It seems to us that more direct evaluation options by individual members is impractical, given that we have more than 17,000 members.

— Rob Van der Voo

— Jack Hess
Executive Director

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