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Topic: GSA Climate Change Position Statement
The Revised Climate Change Statement L.B. Platt June 2014 05-28-14
Topic: The Evolution of Creationism
Two paradigms for natural history R. Gillmann January 2013 12-27-13
Topic: GSA's Gold Medals
Worthwhile Cause Farouk El-Baz August 2010 7-16-10
Topic: Professional Standards
Please don't follow the commercial media R. McDowell June 2010 5-18-10
Professional Standards R.P. Palmer March 2010 3-10-10
Topic: Industry is Not the Enemy
A point not mentioned ... A. Draut   9-11-09
Parrish misses point J. Guynn   8-18-09
Disappointed about the need for commentary J.T. Schulenberg Aug. 2009 7-31-09
Thanks for your defense of industry J. Berry Aug. 2009 7-31-09
Topic: Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology
Treatise goes digital J. Parrish, P. Selden, R. Goldstein Dec. 2008 9-8-09
Topic: Memorials
Memorials Enhance GSA Community M. Logsdon Oct. 2006 Oct. 2006
Topic: Units of Time
GSA should conform to the Sisteme International (SI) P.R. Renne, I.M. Villa Oct. 2004 Oct. 2004
Confusing intervals with points A.V. Okulitch Apr. 2005 May 2005
Annum (a) and its multiples ka, Ma, Ga D.J. Milton   May 2005
Topic: Subaru Relationship with GSA
How does GSA evaluate corporate sponsors? J. Evans Jul. 2004 01-14-04
GSA responds R. Van der Voo, J. Hess Jul. 2004 06-23-04
Topic: GSA Evolution and Creationism Position Statement
Lack of evidence M. Hostetter Jan. 2002 Jan. 2002
Intelligent design G. D. Bennett Jan. 2002 Jan. 2002
GSA is scientific, not political or religious D. Campbell Feb. 2002 Feb. 2002
"Missing link" not there L. Barnes   01-04-02
Questions scientific reasoning G. Webster   01-16-02
A proposal C. G. Winder   01-22-02
Response to intelligent design L. Allison, J. Krebs   01-23-02
Why does controversy persist? M. T. Duigon   01-27-02
Continue tradition of scientific inquiry T. Henrich   02-01-02
GSA should atone for publishing creationist letters J. D. Archibald   02-05-02
Celebrates heritage J. Osborn   02-25-02
Personal beliefs not part of science S. Goodman   07-26-02
Topic: Anthropic Rocks
Why coin exotic new terms? S.A. Langford Feb. 2002